<![CDATA[ - Blog]]>Sat, 03 Mar 2018 09:08:46 +1100Weebly<![CDATA[Ballina Daikin Repair]]>Sun, 14 Aug 2016 14:00:00 GMThttp://artisanair.com.au/blog/ballina-daikin-repair​The sun vanishes behind a bank of dark clouds as we drive the Artisan Air Conditioning van south-west along The Coast Road through Ballina. It looks like we might be in for a spot of rain soon. Jake takes a left turn onto Shelly Beach Road which, as its name suggests, runs parallel to the nearby beach. It sucks that a line of trees prevents us from being able to check out the surf. It’s probably just as well though. It would make working a lot harder if we saw the surf was pumping today!

The first job of the day is to diagnose an air conditioning issue in a small convenience store on Shelly Beach Road and discover why the sucker isn’t cooling the way it should. After all, what good is an air conditioner if it doesn’t cool the air down? Right!

The first drops of rain start falling as we come to a stop outside the convenience store. It’s an old wooden house converted into a store, with probably a living quarters out the back. Jake leads the way in. The store is currently empty except for one grey-haired guy behind the counter. The other thing we notice is just how hot and stuffy it is in there. A fan blasts from a corner in a bid to cool things down.

​The air conditioner in question is a split system Daikin Inverter, vintage 2003 upon closer inspection. The store owner, Stanley, hands me the remote and I switch the unit on. We wait a few minutes and it still just blows air at room temperature. The settings on the remote say it should be cooling to 20 degrees. At the moment it’s working more like a heater!
At the back of the store we strip the cover off the unit and take a look. Might be leak around the service ports by the look of some oil stains on the concrete pad. Best to be sure.

Jake attaches his CPS Gauges to the Daikin’s service valves and runs some tests, discovering that the system must have had a refrigerant leak somewhere because his gauges did not even budge from zero. During a nitrogen pressure test, we find a small leak not on the service valves but a welded joint hidden by the insulation. It should be simple to repair by soldering the small leak shut.

I grab the oxy set out of the van while Jake sets up the nitrogen for purging. Once the leak has been repaired, I tighten up the loosened flare nuts and raise the nitrogen pressure while Jake ducks out to the Artisan air conditioner repair van again and returns with a Digital Micron Vacuum Gauge and vacuum pump. Once satisfied by the pressure test, the vacuum pump is connected, "once this vac's out, she’s ready to rock’n roll". We quickly and efficiently put the system back together again, (we’re not known as one of the best air conditioner repairers in Ballina for nothing!), then head back into the store. It’s still empty. Doesn’t this shop get any trade? (Probably because everyone knows it’s too damn hot in here!) Still, that should be sorted now.

​Scott turns the Daikin on, runs it for a few minutes, then takes a sensor reading. Definitely cooling the place down now. Stanley grins as he holds his hand up in front of the cool jet of air. At that moment a couple of customers finally walk into the store and we shake hands with Stanley and head off for the next job.
CPS Refrigeration Vacuum Pump
<![CDATA[Daikin Cora FTXS50QLMA 5kW Air Conditioner Installation Lismore]]>Wed, 27 Jul 2016 09:44:41 GMThttp://artisanair.com.au/blog/daikin-cora-ftxs50qlma-5kw-air-conditioner-installation-lismoreI have to throw a little bit of praise out to our hard working Artisan Air team. The amazing people in our front office definitely do a fantastic job and this isn’t in any way discrediting; them but I want to focus on the guys out there in front of our customers every single day. As in a very real sense, they are the face of the company.

We have two groups out in the field: the service technicians and the installers. Every one of the guys is up at the crack of dawn and are heading out from of our Grevillea Street showroom with a smile on their face. I am proud of the team and I give them all the support they need to not just carry out their professional refrigeration and air condition trade, but to also make sure they get a bit of work-life balance. As Richard Branson says in his must-read autobiography, 'Losing My Virginity', "If you look after your staff, your staff will look after your customers'. ​ And it's advice I know first hand to be true.

Replacing Nana Jones' Old Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Air-Con!

This line of thinking was sparked by one of the split system air conditioner upgrades we provided for and an elderly lady in Clunes in Lismore, today. The dear old lady was getting a premium Daikin Cora FTXS50QLMA 5kW air conditioner to replace an existing Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) unit. Now don’t get me wrong, the MHI’s are a fantastic product and who knows what drives a customer’s final decision but today a Daikin went in, tomorrow it may be an MHI.

Anyway, Nana Jones greeted the Artisan Air duo right on time at 1:30 pm sharp, she must have been expecting the men as Wayne barely finished lowering his hand from spinning the antique doorbell before she creaked open the lead-light panel door. After introductions Wayne headed to start unloading the ute while Nana Jones (bless, that's how she introduced herself!) led Daniel through to the antique filled lounge room and pointed up to the well-aged MHI air conditioner on the wall, “I’m pretty sure it’s older than me” she joked, Daniel smiled.

Daniel and Wayne could see this was going to be a pretty straight forward installation so they got stuck straight in with Daniel preparing to tackle the indoor unit and Wayne working on the outdoor unit. Wayne promptly connected his CPS refrigeration gauges and because the MHI outdoor unit was still operational, he could turn on the system temporarily to recover the R22 refrigerant to the condensing unit before closing off the service valves. The guys were set to wrap up ahead of schedule so they had time not to rush and not leave a single fingerprint on the rose coloured painted wall.

Aft​er a system evacuation achieving a 170-micron vacuum, the guys having already packed up and cleared any rubbish and debris, started up the unit on heating mode and took the time to show Nana Jones how to turn the Daikin unit on and off, change the temperature setting and how to change the unit from heating mode to cooling and back again, in fact they went through everything twice just to help her out. Nana Jones thanked the men again as they stepped down off the front porch and I am sure was heading in to get cosy with that warm air circulating.
Back in the showroom a little bit later on, a neatly dressed lady walked through the door and stood by reception. I came out to greet her “Hi, how can I help you?” She needed to fix up an invoice for her mother, “Hi, I’m Mrs Jones” she said. “Now I don’t know his name, but two young men installed my mother’s air conditioner today and she was just so impressed be them” she continued “You just don’t often get that professionalism with some trades and it was really good to see”. I thanked Mrs Jones and told her I was the owner of Artisan Air and that it was fantastic to hear some great feedback. “Well I’ve told the right person than” she laughed.
So not only thank you to me professional team but thank you to those who not only observe a quality service but go that extra mile and give the feedback, there should be a little bit more of both going on.

<![CDATA[Another Ballina Air Conditioning Installation Success!]]>Mon, 25 Jul 2016 10:51:05 GMThttp://artisanair.com.au/blog/another-ballina-air-conditioning-installation-successNever let it be said we air conditioning repair technicians don't earn our money! Poked and prodded, battered and bruised, squirted in the eyes and blinded by bright lights. Yup, today was one of those days when by the end of it you certainly feel your age!

Ballina - a Beautiful Place to Live

Of course, at the start of the day you don't feel so tired. But when you stub your toe getting out of bed, you should maybe figure that's God's way of telling you to sleep in! However, with back-to-back Ballina air conditioning repair jobs booked in the diary, a sleep in was never on the cards.

My day starts when I jump in the Artisan Air Conditioning van and head along River St in Ballina and decide to check how the new Sea Rescue Tower is progressing on the North Wall. "Wow", I think to myself. The brickwork on the exterior looks amazing. I didn't check out how it looked from the river but I bet it's pretty flash. Instead I head toward the air-con installation we're doing just around the corner, via Shelly Beach car park (for a sneaky look at the surf). The swell is on the rise and looking great, but between my sore toe and a fully days work in the diary, there are no waves for me today. (Roll on Saturday!)

Daikin 16kw AirConditioner Installation Ballina

When I arrive at the morning's first appointment I have another "Wow" moment. The house we are installing the new Daikin 16kW ducted air conditioner is going to be amazing once it's finished. I take so much pride in being trusted by owners of houses worth millions to be able to supply them with our quality air conditioning products.  And in a house like this it pays to install the best equipment.

The entire front of the building is floor to ceiling glass which shouldn't be a surprise given the expansive view over the beach. By the time I get inside and have a chat to the builder, the guys have already hung the indoor fan coil unit and the condensate drains. When a house build includes air conditioning as a part of the design, the installation cost is drastically reduced, as once the roof is on and well before any plaster goes in, we can get in nice and quickly and get all the ceiling installed equipment in place. This design has been also taken to the next level, they are getting the premium package which gives them individual room control with multiple temperature sensors throughout the house, when I build my house in a couple of years, this is exactly what I'll do. You can even control it all from your mobile or tablet.

Another Air-Conditioning Job Well Done

I run through the duct layout with the guys, but our plans didn't account for some handy brickwork, so we have to re-route the return air ducts. But if that's the only problem when installing air-con on a building site, then it's happy days indeed! Satisfied I head off knowing that the guys have the job in hand, and that we can return once the paint dries and fit off our condensing unit, air diffuses and filters before the client handover. This is looking like another great Ballina air-con install by Artisan Air.

<![CDATA[Daikin FDYQ100MR Ducted Air Conditioning Repair Ballina]]>Fri, 22 Jul 2016 04:23:12 GMThttp://artisanair.com.au/blog/daikin-fdyq100mr-ducted-air-conditioning-repair-ballinaPicture
​It’s lunch time when we set out to do the latest air conditioning repair job in Ballina. With still a half hour to kill before doing the repair on the ducted air conditioning system at the home in Cherry Street, Ballina - and stomachs growling - we decide to find somewhere in town to grab a bite before starting the job.

Heading down Kerr Street searching for a place to buy food, we pass Ballina Fair Shopping Centre on the left. Brook turns right into the car park of McDonald’s in Ballina Central instead. Lucky for us the drive thru is miraculously empty and we order burgers, fries and Cokes right away. Good, honest working man’s food! 

With appetites sated it’s time to get to work. Brook drives the Artisan Air Conditioning & Refrigeration van south-east along Bangalow Street, Ballina. A forested park lies on our left as we head round a sweeping bend. When we spy Ballina District Hospital we know we’re close, and Brook brings the air conditioning repair van to a stop outside a modern two storey home on Cherry Street.

The owner has taken the afternoon off work so he can meet us at the house. Colourful flower beds hem us in on either side as we walk up to the entrance door, and a short, avuncular looking man wearing spectacles answers when we knock. His name is Chris and he looks a tad hot and flustered as he leads us through the house (“I told you it’s hot in here, didn’t I!”). Meanwhile, we glance up at the ducted air conditioning vents in the rooms as we go.

Our Artisan Air Conditioning job sheet says the air conditioner just doesn’t cool anymore and the outdoor unit makes one hell of a metallic noise when the unit’s on. The owner shows us the outdoor unit down the side of the house, then disappears back inside and flings open a few windows to let some air in.

Screws to access the interior of the air-con unit are expertly removed with a small electric screwdriver (we’re slick at our job!). It’s a Daikin FDYQ100MR Ducted Air Conditioning System. The model has two fan motors and, after determining which one has the shot bearings (this is what happens with fan motors, and what makes them so noisy), we set to work removing it and fitting a replacement. With that task done, after fetching a small step ladder from the van, we locate the air intake in the hallway and climb up to replace the air filter.

We’re naturally fast and efficient. Which is why Artisan Air is considered the leading air-conditioning repairer and installers in Ballina.

The job done, Chris closes up the windows as we use the remote to start the Daikin system. It effortlesslyl comes to life, the outdoor unit now humming quietly (and so it should). The R-410A Refrigerant gas pressures are checked during its operation but no adjustment is required as everything was as per the manufactures specifications. We wait a while before taking a series of sensor readings to monitor the temperature of the rooms. “All good, mate!” Brook says with a smile.

Relieved that the air is now nice and cool, Chris offers us each a firm handshake and a hearty goodbye. And we can tell from the look on his face that he’s been looking forward to his air-conditioning system working again for quite some time!

<![CDATA[Caffeine´╗┐ Hit]]>Wed, 20 Jul 2016 09:42:00 GMThttp://artisanair.com.au/blog/caffeine-hitPicture
  I realise that perhaps our team are portrayed as a caffeine fuelled swarm of vans and trucks on the roads of Byron Bay and well, there may be some truth to it. The truth is, stopping for a morning coffee is more than that for any of the Artisan Air team; I know that they park their sign written vans in amongst the locals in Byron, Ballina and even Tweed Heads hot spots. I’d like to think that their shirts are tucked in and their hair is brushed but I am also a realist, at 6am they may not have tucked in their shirts. I stop at various cafes on my way to the Byron Arts and Industry estate because it is a chance to glance at fridge temperatures, sneak a look at the cool room, listen out for noisy fans or compressor motors and most importantly say hi to other small businesses in town, it’s winter and the hospitality needs our support. It also gives an informal opportunity for our customers to raise any issues that might be affecting them, or a comment on how good the new sign writing looks.
A very successful coffee distributor known around all the capital cities, other great cafes and even around the world, All Press, are opening up a boutique café and offices right here in the estate on Banksia Drive, just across the road from Byron Steel and Simmo’s automotive repairs. We installed two Daikin 5kW Reverse Cycle FTX50LVMA air conditioners back in January so they could occupy a tilt slab building in the blistering summer heat, I bet they are enjoying the warmth it brings now in the crisp mornings in the middle of winter as we all wait for the days to get warmer. The L series Daikin split systems are a perfect choice for an office as you don’t have the cost of the bells and whistles the new Zena or Cora models have.
Now that the All Press café is getting closer to opening up their shopfront, they’ve again engaged the Artisan Air team not only for our local knowledge but for our refrigeration expertise. We’ve now ‘roughed in’ the ¼” and ½” copper refrigeration lines through the tilt panel penetration provided by the boys at Arrow Concrete Cutting from Ballina just south from Byron, as well as all the required electrical cables and components. Not everything goes to plan though, the three door under bench display fridge was always going to be late and is now due to show up before the end of the month. Luckily it will be before the opening and shouldn’t hold things up too much.

Brook and Noel finish up well before lunch and the generous staff at All Press make the two of them a couple of cappuccinos before they head back around the corner to the Grevillea Street showroom for a refuelling lunch and to get the truck ready for their next job. Being a local Byron Bay business, we have the flexibility to work with our customers and respond quickly to do so. We also know where the best coffee is.
<![CDATA[Murky Waters]]>Mon, 18 Jul 2016 00:15:37 GMThttp://artisanair.com.au/blog/murky-watersPicture
​The water was rising at the Holden Lane building site as water streamed out of Tamar Street Radiography Business in Ballina. There was an obvious problem as there wasn’t a cloud in sight as one might think for this time of year in Northern New South Wales. The business manager knew they could call on Artisan Air to investigate and resolve their matter in a timely fashion. Although you may first think this is a problem for a plumber, the manager knows we already service many items of equipment on the sunny Ballina roof and that the Stultz air cooled water chiller that services their MRI equipment is directly connected to the town water supply.

​Karsten was first to attend site, he got the call while picking up a morning coffee at the Suffolk Park Bakery on Clifford Street, Suffolk Park only thirty kilometres north of Ballina. Karsten ran and owned Artisan Air for 20 years until just last year and has many more years industry experience and much more local knowledge. Karsten assessed the situation and had a plan for a solution within minutes, Water was overflowing out of the Stultz internal water tank, the inlet water solenoid valve had failed and needed to be replaced. In the meantime, Karsten had shut off water to the unit and stopped the near torrent of water flooding into the neighbouring building site and relayed all information to the service manager to take over.

With Reece plumbing not far from the site, our service manager Corren drove up to Southern Cross Drive to collect our pre-ordered parts to get the job done. The Reece team are always friendly and have coffee and biscuits available for a quick refuel. Corren planned to replace the electronic solenoid valve and level sensor with a simple Philmac mechanical float water make up valve. A mechanical solution is sometime a better option when servicing and maintaining existing equipment. With his box of parts, Corren headed past Ballina Fair and McDonalds on Tamarind Drive, headed through the roundabout and right on Moon Street which takes him back to site.

​Back on Site, Corren made quick work of the upgrade with only a few minor modifications to make. Corren took the opportunity to tidy up some crooked pipework, and replace a few rusted mounting saddles that had been affected from the sea mist that comes in from neighbouring lighthouse beach and Richmond River. Knowing our clients rely on us for our technical knowledge of the roof mounted water chiller, it is often the visual aesthetics that represent the level of service we provide and as Service Manager, Corren drills into all of our staff the importance of presentable work and leaving any site in a clean and tidy manner.

​With the new medication now tested and the site cleaned of any debris, Corren took a moment to look over the remaining rooftop mounted equipment making a mental note that the air filters in the Daikin UAYQ60CY1A rooftop package unit should be replace on the next visit. Corren grabbed his tool bag, locked up the roof access and went to debrief the client of another successful service. The water had already mostly subsided by the time Corren headed towards Kerr Street to head north on Freeway entrance at Dead Man’s Creek, ‘Job Done’ he thought.
<![CDATA[A Typical Day and a Free Lunch´╗┐]]>Fri, 15 Jul 2016 04:58:06 GMThttp://artisanair.com.au/blog/a-typical-day-and-a-free-lunch Picture
​The morning sun shimmered on the surface of Ballina’s Richmond River as the Artisan Air repair van drove across the Hill Street Bridge. As it was just a tick past 10am, traffic was light and we knew we’d arrive at the air conditioning repair job early. Which of course meant we had time to grab a much needed coffee along the way!
Tim was driving, as usual. He swung the van right and drove along Bentinck Street heading west, where we knew there was a Coffee Club at the Ballina Fair Shopping Centre. With no parking spaces close to the cafe, Tim pulled up outside the local KFC and walked across the car park. After grabbing two takeaway lattes from the Coffee Club, it was back into the van to head to the job (which was to replace an old Panasonic CW-2070QR window unit air conditioning system). Instead of replacing it with another window model however, the client had requested it be superseded by a shiny new Daikin 3.5kW Reverse Cycle Split System setup. So there was much work to be done!
Following Tamarind Drive we crossed over North Creek – which looked like a great spot for fishing if we didn’t have to work! - and took a right at a roundabout into North Creek Road, coming to a halt outside a single storey home just past the Aldi store. Keen to get the job done, we leaped out of the van and virtually raced each other to the entrance. Tim rapped loudly on the timber door, and within seconds it swung open to reveal a petite woman in her late thirties dressed in overalls which were covered in paint splatters (she was obviously doing some renovations).
We introduced ourselves to Kelly the owner, who thanked us for turning up on time. She said that she’d recently had some bad experiences with tradesmen, so it was nice to see someone taking their job seriously! Tim laughed at this and said, ‘If you’re impressed by the fact that we’re on time, wait until you see how good we are at replacing your air-conditioner!’.
The introductions done, Kelly led us into the living room, to the old and dusty Panasonic window unit air conditioner that apparently ‘Had to go!’. When switched on the air conditioning unit came to life, but with a god-awful, raucous noise, that could probably be heard at the other end of Ballina! The fan motor was definitely on the way out (a common issue with these older type models). It still seemed to chill the air, to be fair to the unit, but wasn’t worth repairing given its age. The right choice (as always in such situations) was to replace it with something a little more modern.
A glazier had been arranged to fit some new window glass that afternoon (‘If he turns up!’), after we had removed the old Panasonic air conditioning unit. So with the clock ticking we set to work installing the Daikin FTXM35Q 3.5kW Cora Split System Air Conditioner. By the time we finished it was nearing lunch time, and Kelly was kind enough to make us a chicken, egg and lettuce sandwich each and a coffee (free lunch is always a welcome bonus!).
As we scoffed down the much needed food, Tim switched the new air conditioner on and showed Kelly the functions on the remote control. We left right after lunch and drove the Artisan Air Conditioning van back into town to our next appointment, feeling satisfied with another job well done.

<![CDATA[A Tight Squeeze]]>Wed, 13 Jul 2016 01:02:47 GMThttp://artisanair.com.au/blog/a-tight-squeeze
​   This week the Artisan Air team completed a tricky centralised ducted air conditioning installation in the beautiful northern NSW town of Lennox head. On Rutherford St not far from the Lennox Head dog exercise area, we aligned our air-conditioning installation with the building owner who was replacing the original asbestos roof with a new corrugated iron one. The 1950’s low pitch roof is a difficult installation location but with the roof being off for albeit a very brief time, it was enough for our well planned installation to be a success.

   One builder had suggested that split system air conditioners would be much easier and he is right, the problem with multiple split systems is that multiple outdoor condensing units must be placed outside which is sometimes not as aesthetically pleasing as the single unit that a ducted air conditioner has. Another problem with multiple split systems is there is simply not enough room to locate the condensing units but the main reason for the ducted air conditioner being chosen over the split system air conditioners was simply for the internal discreetness.  Our client who holidays there from Sydney has interior stylings expected of fashion magazines and our ducted installations are by far the least obtrusive to the eye, the important lesson here is, ‘what the client wants, the client gets’.

   The tradesmen Caffeine needs are easily met with plethora of café’s running the full stretch of Ballina St, Lennox Head. Café Marius, Quattro, Fishy Fishy and the Point Café all have enough coffee and food to sustain the guys as they battle their way through fibre glass ceiling insulation, original horse hair set ceilings and the rest of the surprises you may find in an early built home. Artisan Air have licenced electricians on staff which means the amount of contracting companies on site can be reduced.
​Our reverse cycle 10kW Daikin ducted air conditioner model FBQ100E-AV is a perfect choice for this Lennox Head low pitch roof. It has all the capacity required for the house design and takes up less room in the ceiling space. The late afternoon drive along Byron Bay Road shows amazing sunsets over Tintenbar, Knockrow and Newrybar as the team head to our Grevillea Street showroom. The Artisan Air vans and utes are unload and all recyclables are separated ready to take to the Myocum recycling centre and are ready to head out for another day tomorrow
<![CDATA[Splendor]]>Fri, 08 Jul 2016 06:35:09 GMThttp://artisanair.com.au/blog/splendor
Splendour In The Grass is hitting the Northern Rivers again this year and is set to be huge. For all you foodies out there prepping madly to stock your vans to feed the hordes, don't forget that Artisan Air have a range of portable cold rooms that can be delivered to you at the North Byron Park lands, or, wherever you need them. Our Cold Room Hire service includes Safety tagged equipment and extension leads, clean internal shelving, padlock + key and optional tow ball locks if required.
<![CDATA[Lismore - Baptist Care]]>Fri, 08 Jul 2016 06:27:12 GMThttp://artisanair.com.au/blog/lismore-baptist-care
Artisan Air offer domestic and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration services all throughout the Northern Rivers. We recently finished a 20+ room aged care facility adjacent to the Lismore Base Hospital. Lismore hospital is the major hospital of the region, located on Uralba St, Lismore, it serves many locals throughout the Northern Rivers.