​ This week the Artisan Air team completed a tricky centralised ducted air conditioning installation in the beautiful northern NSW town of Lennox head. On Rutherford St not far from the Lennox Head dog exercise area, we aligned our air-conditioning installation with the building owner who was replacing the original asbestos roof with a new corrugated iron one. The 1950’s low pitch roof is a difficult installation location but with the roof being off for albeit a very brief time, it was enough for our well planned installation to be a success.
One builder had suggested that split system air conditioners would be much easier and he is right, the problem with multiple split systems is that multiple outdoor condensing units must be placed outside which is sometimes not as aesthetically pleasing as the single unit that a ducted air conditioner has. Another problem with multiple split systems is there is simply not enough room to locate the condensing units but the main reason for the ducted air conditioner being chosen over the split system air conditioners was simply for the internal discreetness. Our client who holidays there from Sydney has interior stylings expected of fashion magazines and our ducted installations are by far the least obtrusive to the eye, the important lesson here is, ‘what the client wants, the client gets’.
The tradesmen Caffeine needs are easily met with plethora of café’s running the full stretch of Ballina St, Lennox Head. Café Marius, Quattro, Fishy Fishy and the Point Café all have enough coffee and food to sustain the guys as they battle their way through fibre glass ceiling insulation, original horse hair set ceilings and the rest of the surprises you may find in an early built home. Artisan Air have licenced electricians on staff which means the amount of contracting companies on site can be reduced.
​Our reverse cycle 10kW Daikin ducted air conditioner model FBQ100E-AV is a perfect choice for this Lennox Head low pitch roof. It has all the capacity required for the house design and takes up less room in the ceiling space. The late afternoon drive along Byron Bay Road shows amazing sunsets over Tintenbar, Knockrow and Newrybar as the team head to our Grevillea Street showroom. The Artisan Air vans and utes are unload and all recyclables are separated ready to take to the Myocum recycling centre and are ready to head out for another day tomorrow