Never let it be said we air conditioning repair technicians don’t earn our money! Poked and prodded, battered and bruised, squirted in the eyes and blinded by bright lights. Yup, today was one of those days when by the end of it you certainly feel your age!

Ballina – a Beautiful Place to Live

Of course, at the start of the day you don’t feel so tired. But when you stub your toe getting out of bed, you should maybe figure that’s God’s way of telling you to sleep in! However, with back-to-back Ballina air conditioning repair jobs booked in the diary, a sleep in was never on the cards.

My day starts when I jump in the Artisan Air Conditioning van and head along River St in Ballina and decide to check how the new Sea Rescue Tower is progressing on the North Wall. “Wow”, I think to myself. The brickwork on the exterior looks amazing. I didn’t check out how it looked from the river but I bet it’s pretty flash. Instead I head toward the air-con installation we’re doing just around the corner, via Shelly Beach car park (for a sneaky look at the surf). The swell is on the rise and looking great, but between my sore toe and a fully days work in the diary, there are no waves for me today. (Roll on Saturday!)

Daikin 16kw AirConditioner Installation Ballina

When I arrive at the morning’s first appointment I have another “Wow” moment. The house we are installing the new Daikin 16kW ducted air conditioner is going to be amazing once it’s finished. I take so much pride in being trusted by owners of houses worth millions to be able to supply them with our quality air conditioning products. And in a house like this it pays to install the best equipment.
The entire front of the building is floor to ceiling glass which shouldn’t be a surprise given the expansive view over the beach. By the time I get inside and have a chat to the builder, the guys have already hung the indoor fan coil unit and the condensate drains. When a house build includes air conditioning as a part of the design, the installation cost is drastically reduced, as once the roof is on and well before any plaster goes in, we can get in nice and quickly and get all the ceiling installed equipment in place. This design has been also taken to the next level, they are getting the premium package which gives them individual room control with multiple temperature sensors throughout the house, when I build my house in a couple of years, this is exactly what I’ll do. You can even control it all from your mobile or tablet.

Daikin 16kw AirConditioner Installation Ballina

I run through the duct layout with the guys, but our plans didn’t account for some handy brickwork, so we have to re-route the return air ducts. But if that’s the only problem when installing air-con on a building site, then it’s happy days indeed! Satisfied I head off knowing that the guys have the job in hand, and that we can return once the paint dries and fit off our condensing unit, air diffuses and filters before the client handover. This is looking like another great Ballina air-con install by Artisan Air.