I have to throw a little bit of praise out to our hard working Artisan Air team. The amazing people in our front office definitely do a fantastic job and this isn’t in any way discrediting; them but I want to focus on the guys out there in front of our customers every single day. As in a very real sense, they are the face of the company.
We have two groups out in the field: the service technicians and the installers. Every one of the guys is up at the crack of dawn and are heading out from of our Grevillea Street showroom with a smile on their face. I am proud of the team and I give them all the support they need to not just carry out their professional refrigeration and air condition trade, but to also make sure they get a bit of work-life balance. As Richard Branson says in his must-read autobiography, ‘Losing My Virginity’, “If you look after your staff, your staff will look after your customers’. ​ And it’s advice I know first hand to be true.

Replacing Nana Jones’ Old Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Air-Con!

This line of thinking was sparked by one of the split system air conditioner upgrades we provided for and an elderly lady in Clunes in Lismore, today. The dear old lady was getting a premium Daikin Cora FTXS50QLMA 5kW air conditioner to replace an existing Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) unit. Now don’t get me wrong, the MHI’s are a fantastic product and who knows what drives a customer’s final decision but today a Daikin went in, tomorrow it may be an MHI.

Anyway, Nana Jones greeted the Artisan Air duo right on time at 1:30 pm sharp, she must have been expecting the men as Wayne barely finished lowering his hand from spinning the antique doorbell before she creaked open the lead-light panel door. After introductions Wayne headed to start unloading the ute while Nana Jones (bless, that’s how she introduced herself!) led Daniel through to the antique filled lounge room and pointed up to the well-aged MHI air conditioner on the wall, “I’m pretty sure it’s older than me” she joked, Daniel smiled.

Daniel and Wayne could see this was going to be a pretty straight forward installation so they got stuck straight in with Daniel preparing to tackle the indoor unit and Wayne working on the outdoor unit. Wayne promptly connected his CPS refrigeration gauges and because the MHI outdoor unit was still operational, he could turn on the system temporarily to recover the R22 refrigerant to the condensing unit before closing off the service valves. The guys were set to wrap up ahead of schedule so they had time not to rush and not leave a single fingerprint on the rose coloured painted wall.
Aft​er a system evacuation achieving a 170-micron vacuum, the guys having already packed up and cleared any rubbish and debris, started up the unit on heating mode and took the time to show Nana Jones how to turn the Daikin unit on and off, change the temperature setting and how to change the unit from heating mode to cooling and back again, in fact they went through everything twice just to help her out. Nana Jones thanked the men again as they stepped down off the front porch and I am sure was heading in to get cosy with that warm air circulating.
Back in the showroom a little bit later on, a neatly dressed lady walked through the door and stood by reception. I came out to greet her “Hi, how can I help you?” She needed to fix up an invoice for her mother, “Hi, I’m Mrs Jones” she said. “Now I don’t know his name, but two young men installed my mother’s air conditioner today and she was just so impressed be them” she continued “You just don’t often get that professionalism with some trades and it was really good to see”. I thanked Mrs Jones and told her I was the owner of Artisan Air and that it was fantastic to hear some great feedback. “Well I’ve told the right person than” she laughed.
So not only thank you to me professional team but thank you to those who not only observe a quality service but go that extra mile and give the feedback, there should be a little bit more of both going on.