​It’s lunch time when we set out to do the latest air conditioning repair job in Ballina. With still a half hour to kill before doing the repair on the ducted air conditioning system at the home in Cherry Street, Ballina – and stomachs growling – we decide to find somewhere in town to grab a bite before starting the job.

Heading down Kerr Street searching for a place to buy food, we pass Ballina Fair Shopping Centre on the left. Brook turns right into the car park of McDonald’s in Ballina Central instead. Lucky for us the drive thru is miraculously empty and we order burgers, fries and Cokes right away. Good, honest working man’s food!
With appetites sated it’s time to get to work. Brook drives the Artisan Air Conditioning & Refrigeration van south-east along Bangalow Street, Ballina. A forested park lies on our left as we head round a sweeping bend. When we spy Ballina District Hospital we know we’re close, and Brook brings the air conditioning repair van to a stop outside a modern two storey home on Cherry Street.
The owner has taken the afternoon off work so he can meet us at the house. Colourful flower beds hem us in on either side as we walk up to the entrance door, and a short, avuncular looking man wearing spectacles answers when we knock. His name is Chris and he looks a tad hot and flustered as he leads us through the house (“I told you it’s hot in here, didn’t I!”). Meanwhile, we glance up at the ducted air conditioning vents in the rooms as we go.
Our Artisan Air Conditioning job sheet says the air conditioner just doesn’t cool anymore and the outdoor unit makes one hell of a metallic noise when the unit’s on. The owner shows us the outdoor unit down the side of the house, then disappears back inside and flings open a few windows to let some air in.
Screws to access the interior of the air-con unit are expertly removed with a small electric screwdriver (we’re slick at our job!). It’s a Daikin FDYQ100MR Ducted Air Conditioning System. The model has two fan motors and, after determining which one has the shot bearings (this is what happens with fan motors, and what makes them so noisy), we set to work removing it and fitting a replacement. With that task done, after fetching a small step ladder from the van, we locate the air intake in the hallway and climb up to replace the air filter.

We’re naturally fast and efficient. Which is why Artisan Air is considered the leading air-conditioning repairer and installers in Ballina.

The job done, Chris closes up the windows as we use the remote to start the Daikin system. It effortlesslyl comes to life, the outdoor unit now humming quietly (and so it should). The R-410A Refrigerant gas pressures are checked during its operation but no adjustment is required as everything was as per the manufactures specifications. We wait a while before taking a series of sensor readings to monitor the temperature of the rooms. “All good, mate!” Brook says with a smile.
Relieved that the air is now nice and cool, Chris offers us each a firm handshake and a hearty goodbye. And we can tell from the look on his face that he’s been looking forward to his air-conditioning system working again for quite some time!