​The water was rising at the Holden Lane building site as water streamed out of Tamar Street Radiography Business in Ballina. There was an obvious problem as there wasn’t a cloud in sight as one might think for this time of year in Northern New South Wales. The business manager knew they could call on Artisan Air to investigate and resolve their matter in a timely fashion. Although you may first think this is a problem for a plumber, the manager knows we already service many items of equipment on the sunny Ballina roof and that the Stultz air cooled water chiller that services their MRI equipment is directly connected to the town water supply.
​Karsten was first to attend site, he got the call while picking up a morning coffee at the Suffolk Park Bakery on Clifford Street, Suffolk Park only thirty kilometres north of Ballina. Karsten ran and owned Artisan Air for 20 years until just last year and has many more years industry experience and much more local knowledge. Karsten assessed the situation and had a plan for a solution within minutes, Water was overflowing out of the Stultz internal water tank, the inlet water solenoid valve had failed and needed to be replaced. In the meantime, Karsten had shut off water to the unit and stopped the near torrent of water flooding into the neighbouring building site and relayed all information to the service manager to take over.
With Reece plumbing not far from the site, our service manager Corren drove up to Southern Cross Drive to collect our pre-ordered parts to get the job done. The Reece team are always friendly and have coffee and biscuits available for a quick refuel. Corren planned to replace the electronic solenoid valve and level sensor with a simple Philmac mechanical float water make up valve. A mechanical solution is sometime a better option when servicing and maintaining existing equipment. With his box of parts, Corren headed past Ballina Fair and McDonalds on Tamarind Drive, headed through the roundabout and right on Moon Street which takes him back to site.
​Back on Site, Corren made quick work of the upgrade with only a few minor modifications to make. Corren took the opportunity to tidy up some crooked pipework, and replace a few rusted mounting saddles that had been affected from the sea mist that comes in from neighbouring lighthouse beach and Richmond River. Knowing our clients rely on us for our technical knowledge of the roof mounted water chiller, it is often the visual aesthetics that represent the level of service we provide and as Service Manager, Corren drills into all of our staff the importance of presentable work and leaving any site in a clean and tidy manner.
​With the new medication now tested and the site cleaned of any debris, Corren took a moment to look over the remaining rooftop mounted equipment making a mental note that the air filters in the Daikin UAYQ60CY1A rooftop package unit should be replace on the next visit. Corren grabbed his tool bag, locked up the roof access and went to debrief the client of another successful service. The water had already mostly subsided by the time Corren headed towards Kerr Street to head north on Freeway entrance at Dead Man’s Creek, ‘Job Done’ he thought.