We Install Ducted & Split System Air Conditioning Units in the Northern Rivers

Get superior temperature control all year round with a new air conditioner from Artisan Air. We install and maintain single split, multi-split, ducted and room air conditioning systems for residential and commercial clients throughout the Northern Rivers.

Our experienced technicians install air con units at homes, retail outlets, schools, hospitals, factories, offices, defence facilities and more. No matter the building—we’ll give it the cooling it needs.

We install systems from the following leading brands:

A new air conditioner or fridge is a long-term investment. That’s why we stock only high-quality brands that are energy efficient, long lasting and eco-friendly. Call our friendly team today for a free quote. You can also visit our Byron Bay showroom to see our latest models and receive expert advice firsthand.

Single Split Air Conditioning

Our stylish single split system air conditioners are ideal when you want to cool one or two rooms in your home or small office. The split system is our cheapest air conditioning option and is great for clients looking for a quick and effective installation. Many clients throughout the Northern Rivers benefit from the simplicity and user-friendliness of our single split air conditioners. We also offer state-of-the-art inverter split air conditioners that are whisper-quiet and environmentally friendly.

For an affordable air conditioner with low running cost, we recommend choosing from our wide selection of single split units. Call the expert team at Artisan Air today for a free quote or drop by our Byron Bay showroom.

Multi-split Air Conditioning

At Artisan Air, our qualified technicians install and maintain first-rate multi-split air conditioners for residential and commercial clients in the Northern Rivers. 

Our selection of top-notch brands includes:

A multi-split air conditioner’s greatest selling point is its versatility. Because the compressor and heat exchanger can be installed separately from the indoor unit, it doesn’t have to be window mounted behind the indoor unit like traditional single split systems. This allows for installations in hard to access and awkward areas thanks to the use of a network of copper piping.

For larger businesses and homes, a multi-split air conditioner is an adaptable and energy-efficient solution. Most modern multi-split systems can be up to 40% more efficient than traditional window air conditioners. They also allow you to set different temperature levels for each room. Our split system units also come in-built with sophisticated filtration systems to combat common allergens such as dust, pollen and other airborne particles.

Give your home or office the power of choice with a multi-split air conditioner. Call the experienced team at Artisan Air today for a free quote.

Ducted Air Conditioning

For large properties with multiple rooms, a quiet and energy-efficient ducted air conditioner is the ideal choice. Our team can work with architects to fit your system in at the design stage of your new home, or tailor it to fit your existing home seamlessly.

At Artisan Air, our experienced technicians will install your ducted system in an unnoticeable space, ensuring there’s no bulky unit attached to the wall or window. With the latest designs from top brands, you’ll have a ducted system that’s not only long-lasting but allows you to set different temperatures in up to eight separate rooms. Whether you want to cool the living room, set a timer to turn on your system, or ensure the bedroom is a refreshing temperature for those balmy summer nights—a ducted system is the way to go.

Call Artisan Air today to benefit from the ducted difference. We install our systems in residential and commercial properties anywhere throughout the Northern Rivers.

Room Air Conditioning

Also known as a window air conditioner, a room air conditioner is ideal for smaller residential and commercial spaces. If you’re on a tight budget, a room air conditioner will effectively cool a single space without wasting excess energy on multiple rooms.

With a simple design, our room air conditioners have built-in timers, digital displays and easy-clean filters for maximum efficiency and convenience. To ensure your space is effectively cooled and dehumidified, our technicians will calculate and recommend the appropriate size system for your space.

Whether you have a waterfront apartment in Brunswick Heads or a small office in Ballina—a room air conditioner is the perfect choice for those long, hot summers. Call Artisan Air today for a free quote. We install room air conditioners anywhere throughout the Northern Rivers.

Artisan Air Supply, Install & Service Daikin VRV/VRF Air Conditioning Systems

Daikin pioneered the way for the variable refrigerant flow, or variable refrigerant volume, with the first Daikin VRV/VRF system coming on the market in 1982. Since then, they have been at the forefront of VRV/VRF technology, providing efficient air conditioning systems to satisfied customers around the world, which is why we choose to work with them.

Why choose a Daikin VRV/VRF air conditioning system?

The Dakin VRV/VRF is designed to work in larger scale commercial buildings. Engineers have specifically designed all Dakin VRV/VRF indoor and outdoor unit models to blend in with a range of environments—giving you the ability to choose a sleek and compatible design for your space. Each unit includes Dakin’s patented VRT smart control, which orchestrates for automatic refrigerant control if there is a change in the room or zone environment—allowing you to save energy. Airflow is also controlled with VTR smart control.

There are outdoor units within the Dakin VRV/VRF range that have the ability to link up to 64 indoor units—helping you save space, maximise efficiency and save energy. Dakin understands every floor, zone or room within a building can be different. This is why they have incorporated individual climate control capabilities within their Dakin VRV/VRF systems, ensuring the comfort throughout the entire commercial building. With a great range of indoor and outdoor units to choose from, Artisan Air can help you select the right air conditioning solution to suit your needs.

If you are looking to install a Dakin VRV/VRF in your Northern Rivers commercial building, contact our experienced team. We can come by and provide you with an obligation free, free quote! We’re also available for one off maintenance or scheduled maintenance contracts.

Artisan Air Can Install & Service Mitsubishi City Multi Units

The Mitsubishi City Multi has a wealth of technology incorporated into its design, giving you a reliable and efficient air conditioning unit that is built for both the summer and winter months. There is a huge range of models in the Y Series and Y Series – High Efficiency range for you to choose from.

Why choose a Mitsubishi City Multi for your residential or commercial building?

  • The Mitsubishi City Multi Y Next Generation models have been redesigned to increase the unit’s energy efficiency by around 20%.
  • Each outdoor unit has its own low noise function, with five settings to select from. Static pressure settings give you more flexibility with instillation—either as standalone units or with ducted air conditioning and exhaust hoods.
  • Depending on the chosen model, one unit can facilitate a building of 90 meters if the outdoor unit is installed on the roof, or 60 meters if the outdoor unit is installed below the indoor units.
  • The patented smooth auto-shift start-up mode increases the efficiency of the system during the first 30 minutes whilst it cools or heats the building. In the event of a system malfunction, you can enjoy continued comfort for up to four hours with the emergency function, which can be activated via the remote control of one of the indoor units.
  • The intelligent rotation function allows for the outdoor units to switch between one another, rather than exhausting one unit.
  • Diagnosing a system fault is easy with fault codes.
  • You can download up to five days’ worth of operating data with a USB pen.

If you would like to learn more about the Mitsubishi City Multi, or want to organise an obligation free quote, contact our team today. We’ll happily arrange a time to visit you at your Northern Rivers commercial or residential building—be it for installation or

Artisan Air Can Install & Service Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is a great way to regulate the temperature throughout your entire home or office. Just like the other Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning products, these units are highly reliable and efficient.

Why choose a Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning System?

  • You have the ability to choose which type of air diffuser you use throughout your building—be it a 4-way diffuser, linear diffuser or round diffuser—giving you aesthetic control.
  • The indoor fan coil unit and the return air grill and filter are stored in your roof, out of sight and out of the way.
  • The in-built zone controller allows you to alternate the temperature in different zones of the house.
  • Installation is very easy
  • Despite its hardworking fan coil unit and air grill, Mitsubishi Electric have made sure the system operates quietly.
  • Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning is the perfect choice for larger homes and offices.

If you’re still unsure if the Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning system is the right choice for you, call our team! We’ll pay you a visit at your Northern Rivers home or office and provide you with an obligation free quote. We can help you with everything from sourcing your system to installing it and maintaining it!

If you would like to learn more about the Mitsubishi City Multi, or you would like to organise an obligation free, free quote contact our helpful team. We’ll happily arrange a time to visit you at your Northern Rivers commercial or residential building, be it for installation or maintenance!

Artisan Air Can Supply, Install & Service Mitsubishi Split Systems

Over our many years in the industry, we’ve found Mitsubishi Split Systems to be one of our most-trusted air conditioning units. Our team pride themselves on only using air conditioning units that belong to industry leading companies. We choose to work with Mitsubishi Split Systems because of their proven durability and reliability during the hot summer months and cold winter nights.

Why choose a Mitsubishi Split System?

  • You can connect up to eight air conditioning units to a single outdoor unit—which means you lose less outdoor space, and you won’t lose curb appeal having multiple outdoor units attached to your house.
  • We supply a range of indoor units. Whether you need something bigger for larger living rooms, or something smaller for bedrooms—we’ve got the right Mitsubishi Split System for you.
  • Mitsubishi Split Systems have their own patented Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Control system built into every unit. This inverter ensures your unit runs efficiently.
  • Despite being linked to the same outdoor unit, it’s still possible to individually control each unit. This means no one will be fighting over the temperature control.
    All Mitsubishi Split Systems come with what Mitsubishi Electric call ‘silent mode’. This means both your indoor and outdoor unit make the least amount of noise possible whilst in operation—so your home or office is not only cooler or warmer, but peaceful.

If you would like more information on our Mitsubishi Split System installation or maintenance services, contact our helpful team. We’ll happily come to your Northern Rivers home or office to provide you with a free quote!

Artisan Air Can Supply, Install & Service Toshiba Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

If you’re wanting to create a comfortable living space whilst catering to every member of your family, a Toshiba Ducted Air Conditioning system is an excellent choice. At Artisan Air, we pride ourselves on working with industry leading brands, and Toshiba is certainly one of them.

Why choose a Toshiba Ducted Air Conditioning system?

  • Toshiba’s DC Hybrid Inverter uses two compressor control models to allow for maximum energy efficiency and all-round comfort in both summer and winter.
  • Toshiba ducted air conditioning also includes Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM), which works to cool your space or selected zone quickly, without using excess amounts of energy.
  • Once your room is cool, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) kicks in, working to efficiently maintain the set temperature, so you don’t have to keep adjusting the temperature to achieve comfort.
  • To make your ducted air conditioning system even more efficient, a DC Twin-Rotary Compressor is included, which works to reduce energy.
  • You can choose between a ducted air conditioning system that cools the whole home or you can choose a system that comes with a built in zone controller.
  • Toshiba’s T-Zone Air allows you to control up to 14 zones in your home, with the option to set up 9 favourite temperature settings for different rooms.
  • There are two ways to control your T-Zone Air—by the wall controller or your smart phone or tablet—which means you can control your air conditioning from anywhere!

Contact our Byron Bay office to learn more about T-Zone Air and Toshiba ducted air conditioning systems.

Artisan Air Can Supply, Install & Service Toshiba Split Systems

At Artisan Air, we’ve been supplying Toshiba air conditioning systems in the Northern Rivers for more than 20 years. Depending on the size of your space, Toshiba offer a range of units suited to different locations.

Why choose a Toshiba Split System unit?

  • Toshiba split system units keep you cool during summer and warm during winter.
  • Each system has its own built in advanced filtration system—the Toshiba IAQ Filter, which lets you breathe fresher and cleaner air.
  • Just like the Toshiba ducted air conditioning system, Toshiba split systems contain both PAM and PWM compressor control models, which ensures reliable high power and energy efficiency.
  • Both the indoor and outdoor systems use Toshiba’s patented twin rotary system which ensures they function with minimal noise.
  • The indoor units come with a pre-filter, which prevents dust from re-entering the air from the unit. Cleaning the pre-filter is as easy as running it under water.
  • The Toshiba Split System indoor unit also comes with a self-cleaning function. This advanced function helps prevent mould by eliminating any excess moisture from the unit.
  • Depending on what model you choose, you have the option of running more than one indoor unit from the same outdoor unit. This means you’ll lose less outdoor space without losing your curb appeal.

Contact our Byron Bay office to learn more about Toshiba split system air conditioners.

If you would like more information on our Mitsubishi Split System installation services or our Mitsubishi Split System maintenance services, contact our helpful team. We’ll happily come to your Northern Rivers home or office to provide you with an obligation free, free quote!

Artisan Air Can Supply, Install & Service Toshiba VRF/VRV Air Conditioning Systems

One of the best ways to control the temperature of a large home or commercial building is with a Toshiba VRF/VRV air conditioning system. Also known as a variable refrigerant flow system, these units work efficiently to both cool and heat their designated areas. At Artisan Air, we would happily recommend a Toshiba VRF/VRV air conditioning unit to our customers because of their compatibility with any space, low energy consumption and environmentally conscious design.

Toshiba have three VRF ranges for you to choose from:

  • Super Modular Multi System (SMMSe): designed to both heat and cool a space.
  • Super Heat Recovery Multi (SHRMi): can both heat and cool at the same time.
  • MiNi VRF: designed for smaller spaces.

Why choose a MiNi Toshiba VRF/VRV air conditioning unit?

  • Despite being the mini version, the VRF still houses Toshiba’s DC twin rotary systems which ensure efficiency and reliability.
  • The patented bat wing fan and vector-controlled inverter creates a quiet functioning system without diminishing any pressure or power.
  • The outdoor mini Toshiba VRF/VRV air conditioning units are compact and sleek, so they won’t take over your outdoor spaces.
  • Customers can choose from a range of solutions with up to 13 models that can combine with 81 units.

Why choose a SHRMi Toshiba VRF/VRV air conditioning unit?

  • This unit is highly rated for its capability to reduce your energy consumption.
  • You can connect one outdoor unit up to 48 indoor units.
  • Depending on the model, each one houses up to three DC inverter driven twin rotary compressors—maximising the efficiency of the unit.
  • The pipe configuration allows for the greatest height difference between indoor units, making installation easier.
  • Double refrigerant control.
  • Built in noise control technology.

Why choose a SMMe Toshiba VRF/VRV air conditioning unit?

  • Just like the MiNi and the SHRMi, the SMMSe houses a DC twin rotary system, which ensures efficiency in bigger capacity outdoor units.
  • The designers have worked hard to ensure all parts are protected for maximum reliability and have used Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) to reduce friction between vital components of the unit—increasing its longevity.
  • You can achieve higher energy savings with the new and improved triple layer pipe design which efficiently exchanges heat within the unit.
  • The SMMe unit contains new and improved propeller designs that are more powerful and less noisy.
  • The SMMSe has 300 sensors incorporated into its design that monitor the amount of refrigerant needed to heat each room efficiently.

Call our Byron Bay office to learn more about the Toshiba VRV/VRF range today. Our knowledgeable team can help you make an informed decision about the right Toshiba system for your Northern Rivers property.

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